Pros and Cons of Working From Home – The Secret

When you work from home there can be many pros and cons of embarking on this venture. It has become a trendy way for people to stay home and work either full or part time. They can freelance, run their business, or work a company that will allow you to work from a home office. Most of these jobs involve a computer and the internet and some do have a start-up fee, which is something you should make sure of before you agree to work for the company. Now, let us look at the pros and cons associated with work at home jobs.


• Flexible schedule, especially if you are working for yourself.

• Money saved due to not needing clothes for an office although you should have a few nice outfits if you have to go out into the community to see clients, such as you work as an independent insurance agent.

• Time and money commuting.

• If you are freelancing as a writer you can write at anytime, whether it is during the day or night. You just need to make sure that you do not miss any deadlines.

• Can decide how many hours a day you want to work and which hours they are.

• If there is a doctor’s appointment, sick child home from school you do not have to worry about taking time off work or finding a babysitter.

• If you have a new baby you can be there for them and work around their schedule.

• Saving money on lunches out.

• Can work at home in sweats or casual comfortable clothing.

• Can save money on babysitters.


• Home electric bill may be higher since you started to work from home due to more computer usage, having the air conditioner or furnace on more since you are home more.

• Distractions such as from neighbors who know you are working at home but do not seem to care when they come to visit and do not understand that you are working, your children when they are home from school, sick children, etc can all be distractions. With neighbors, friends, and family you will just have to let them know what hours you are working and make time afterwards for visiting. If you have a child that is old enough to babysit you could pay them for babysitting the younger children for a half day so you can get some work done, and then work after they have gone to be.

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